9-12m Aluminium Barge – Landing Craft


Length OA7.5m to 14m
Beam OA2.6m to 3.70 m
Draft hull0.35 m (Approx.)
Draft (outboards)0.90 m (Approx.)
Engine PowerTwin 150-250 Hp Outboard
Fuel Capacity200-600 Ltr (or as required)
Sprint Speed20-30+ knots
Hull MaterialMarine Grade Aluminium Alloy


STUDY PLANS: See Stockplans BUILDING PLANS & KIT: See Stockplans

Fast Aluminium Barge – Landing Craft – Workboat

Last year DVD Marine Design started collaborating with Lavranos Marine Design to take care of new derivative designs or modifications to some of the existing Lavranos aluminium workboat designs like the 9-12m planing landing craft barges. Currently many boats of Lavranos Marine Design are succesfully used around New Zealand (private, commercial and Government use like DOC). 2 of these vessels (a ‘Facilitator’ and a privately owned vessel) are shown above and are for reference only in relation to De Villiers Marine Design work. If an existing design from Lavranos Marine Design suits your needs, please contact them directly. If you have specific requirements that will require changes to the existing design or a new similar design, we are happy to help you.

The Design can come with different options / layouts:

Depending on the intended use of the vessels they are/can be customized to suit the client’s requirements and needs. Currently DVD Marine Design has made 2 derivative preliminary designs for clients (see drawings above) that can be further developed for production. Other than that the following customizations can be considered:
· Practical length of cargo deck is depending on wheelhouse configuration
· Ramp length; The ramp length & strength can be altered to suit purpose
· Hull depth; Depending on intended use (Private, Commercial) and required certification, the hull depth can vary between 600-800mm
· Cargo Capacity; With commercial use of the vessel cargo capacity is restricted by regulations and specific freeboard requirements. For non-surveyed vessels we can and will give you instructions on a max safe cargo capacity of your vessel. At any time the captain will be responsible for the safe use of the vessel.
· Wheelhouse; The wheelhouse can be made full width or minimized in size, finished ‘open’ or ‘fully enclosed’.
· Depending on intended use, need for certification and required operating limits the vessel may have to be outfitted with freeing ports (with or without non-return flaps) for quick draining capability of the deck
· Vessel can be outfitted with or without bulwark doors
· Vessel powering and tank capacity can be discussed
· Vessel specific outfitting can be discussed

For Commercial use in New Zealand the following Classification & Operational Limits need to be considered:

· Vessel can be made compliant to MNZ 40A (Passenger Ships which are not SOLAS Ships)
· Vessel can be made compliant to MNZ 40C (Non-Passenger Ships which are not SOLAS Ships)
· Vessel can be made compliant to MNZ 40D (Fishing Ships)
· Vessel can be made compliant for Enclosed Water Limits (as defined in MNZ Part 20)
· Vessel can be made compliant for Inshore Limits (as defined in MNZ Part 20)

We can help you identify the specific requirements for your commercial vessel, please don’t hesitate to contact us.