10.4m Aluminium RHIB – Navy


Length OA10.41 m (34” 2’)
Length WL8.71 m (28” 7’)
Beam OA3.30 m (10′ 10″)
Displacement6105 kg (13460 lbs)
Engine PowerTriple 300 Hp Outboards
Fuel Capacity1210 Ltr (320 Gallons)
Sprint Speedknots
Hull MaterialMarine Grade Aluminium Alloy
FenderD-shape Hypalon
First year of construction2011
ISO/CECategory B (Offshore)


STUDY PLANS: See Stockplans BUILDING PLANS & KIT: See Stockplans

DVD 10.40m Aluminium RHIB with Aft Console (12PAX) – Design #110

A vessel which is capable of well over 50 knots whilst carrying a full complement of 12 PAX plus requisite operational equipment and full fuel load of 1200 litres. The other major feature of this RIB is the inflatable D-collar, chosen specifically to increase the deck space given the overall beam restriction. Together with Kanter Marine Inc, Ontario (who did another fantastic job on the construction of this ‘Lethal’ vessel) we at DV Marine Design have now explored, and pretty much perfected, both D-tubes and also fully circular inflatable tube sections in the 10 plus designs we have collaborated on since 2007. Note that we use the term “collar” and “tube” interchangeably.

Two more features of this vessel which deserve a mention are the pivoting Radar mount on the Arch and also the rounded of bow shape in the plan view. The latter was conceived to facilitate coming alongside larger vessel during interdiction operations. There’s less chance of damaging the inflatable collar on the backing structure when sandwiched or squeezed between the two vessels. The Radar Mount is well raised to eliminate the chances of any crew getting irradiated from the transmitter, whilst at the same time folding away to comply with road height restrictions.

So all in all a complicated yet very capable package which is imminently suitable for Special Operations, Interdiction, Patrol, Rescue and Personnel Transfer. The first vessel built to this design was launched in late 2011 and is deployed in N.S. in Canada.