17.0m Aluminium Patrol Vessel


Length OA17.46 m (57′ 4″)
Length Alloy17.00 m (55′ 9″)
Length WL14.90 m (48′ 11″)
Beam5.05 m (16′ 7″)
Beam Alloy4.65 m (15′ 3″)
Draft hull0.86 m (2′ 10″)
Displacement22000 kg (48502)
Fuel Capacity4400 Ltr (1162 Gallon)
Water Capacity300 Ltr (80 Gallon)
Holding Capacity300 Ltr (80 Gallon)
Engine PowerTwin 1200 Hp & Hamilton Jets
Sprint Speed~40 knots
Cruising Speed~30 knots
Hull MaterialMarine Grade Aluminium Alloy
FenderPU Foam with Rubber insert
Crew Capacity6 +(2)
Passenger Capacity14


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DVD 17m Aluminium Fast Patrol Vessel – Fast Response Vessel

Something bigger, bolder and definitely eye-catching. This design did not proceed beyond the preliminary (concept) stage but nevertheless opens up many possibilities for a larger, monohull patrol/SAR type vessel.

There are no surprises with regard to the hull shape so performance and handling will be predictable. Structure will as usual be robust and ruggedly built from marine grade aluminium. In order to keep the drivetrain as simple as possible and also to minimise overall draft, it was decided to use waterjets for propulsion. So no exposed shafting and propellers, no need for semi tunnels and no rudders needed either.

This vessel is not intended to be a RHIB with an inflatable collar but will benefit from a PU Foam/rubber fendering system in situations where coming alongside other vessels is indicated. As shown this vessel is optimised for a SAR utilisation with a large well-equipped wheelhouse for operating the vessel and forward cabin to accommodate rescued persons/first aid station etc.

The current configuration shows a boarding platform aft with retrieval basket but this could easily be modified/upgraded to include a dedicated Rescuerunner.

In summary, we have here the concept for an exciting, fast, seaworthy and capable monohull vessel, built tough from marine grade aluminium, suitable for various utilisations ranging from SAR/policing/patrolling, commercial workboat and/or pleasure boat applications.